Magnetic Picture Hangers

Laser cut from American maple veneered MDF.

Each set includes a top and bottom hanger with magnets to clasp the print in place.

The hangers are completed with a length of white faux suede thonging to hang up the print or picture.

A5 hangers are approximately 10.5cm wide and will fit an A5 portrait print.

A4 hangers are approximately 21cm wide and will fit an A4 portrait print or an A5 landscape print.

A3 hangers are approximately 30cm wide and will fit an A3 portrait print or an A4 landscape print.

A3 landscape hangers are approximately 42cm wide and will fit A3 landscape or an A2 portrait print.

Available in packs of 3. A5 RRP £10.00, A4 RRP £12.00, A3 RRP £15.00, A3 Landscape RRP £20.00.